May 12, 2006 - Italian Wedding Soup - Day 8

One last shot of San Crispolto - as we go to bid adieu to the White clan and Kyle/Connor.

In Paris, we see a windmill on the climb up Montmartre.

Windmill #2.

Sacre Coeur.

Turning around from that last shot to look down Montmartre.
We had dinner (escargot, filet, and a little vin maison) at one of the bistros in the square on Montmartre. We should have gotten a picture, but it was great!

Our first glimpse at la Tour Eifel.

Our Metro stop.

The Eifel Tower lights up the Paris night.

Jill in the Champs de Mars, in front of the former eyesore.


Eifel's crotch.

I like this shot!

Blurry Jill - but left in to show the Paris police with fully-automatic rifles.

Our walk back takes us past the Arc de Triumph and along the Champs Elysses.

Back to our Metro stop, in front of the Moulin Rouge.

Tomorrow - more Paris.