May 10, 2006 - Italian Wedding Soup - Day 7

The reception at San Crispolto - part ii
(after the toasts...)

Larry and Jill - before Larry beats up the DJ and takes over.

Kelly tastes her finger - and Evan pretends like she's enjoying dancing with him.

Another drink - and what-do-you-know... she DOES enjoy dancing with him!

Yeah... Not sure, but it is Rich, so it must have looked cool at the time.

David does the robot. Apparently, they still do that in utah.
(Sorry, couldn't resist...)

After a little confusion where Rich thought, as best man, HE got to get the garter, Jason takes to the task.

Success. The garter - and a laughing bride.

The common wedding misconception - you can catch better if your legs are beyond shoulder-width apart.

Becky takes the men's strategy on stance as the gals await the bouquet.

J&A cut the tiramisu.

Then J goes in for a kiss.

Aunt , Abigail, and Kelly.

Abigail not sharing.

Abigail sharing.
(Evan confused.)

Abigail and Jason's brother-in-law, Mark.

The Rhoades.

Sara poses with her frequent dance parter - a bottle-in-hand Larry.

Another party favorite: Kevin and the ankle dance.

Kyle, Connor, and bottle-in-hand Jill.

It must be 'the time for the hands'...

Jason puts his legs behind his head and gets spun in circles.
I don't quite know what to say about that.

Dames and his Florentine tie strike one for the camera with Jill.

David has so much fun with Kelly he decides to scream at her at the top of his lungs.

Sara, Jill, Larry, and Abigail are interrupted for a photo-op.

And no wedding in Italy would be complete without the ceremonial climbing-into-the-locked-honeymoon-suite-to-unlock-it-from-the-inside.
Andrew Averett does the dirty work with his Spidey-skills.

Larry naps on Jill.
What's that I hear?
sounds like a...


Tomorrow, the recovery - and our trip to Paris