May 10, 2006 - Italian Wedding Soup - Day 7

The reception at San Crispolto - part i
(through the toasts...)

We get back from the wedding and hang out by the pool with some wine and fried olives while dinner is prepared.
(Kevin, Ansley, me, Jill, Larry, and Nicolas.)

Early on, a Beatles tune cranks up and the whole "White clan" breaks in the dance floor.

Soon after, the first dance.
I don't know if they are nervous - or if they both realize they made the worst mistake in their entire lives.

We take a pause in the 7-course meal to enjoy the sun setting over the Umbrian countryside.


The toasts kick in with one from J&A.

Sweater-clad Kevin shows how Alex P. Keaton would have danced with Abigail.

A digs it, while Becky and Nicolas boogie-woogie in the background.

Jill and Kelly start the same-sex dancing, which would be a big theme throughout the night.

The tradition - the dudes dancing to Devo.

Give your back a slip."

As Bonhemian Rhapsody blares, we do our best to out-sing an amplified Freddie Mercury.

"Mamaaaaaaaaaaah - oooOOOOoooOOOOO!"

I finally get to dance with a legit Vegas showgirl!
(No joke!)

Larry gets innocently touchy.
(I sense another theme coming...)

Its the next round of toasts and the Andrews have the crowd rolling.
Gilchrist plays the straight-man and Averett plays his not-so hands.

Rich starts his toast - and realizes it is missing something... but WHAT??

Theme music...
Dames to the rescue!

Add a little inspirational mood lighting...

Touching toasts are given by David (pictured), Josh (waiting), and John.

'Momma White' closes the show, then passes out traditional homemade yummu goodies that she must have smuggled through customs... Next set of pics - after the toasts, the party kicks int high gear!