May 10, 2006 - Italian Wedding Soup - Day 6

The Rehearsal Dinner - Cortona

(Dames parked last night...)

The ride down the hill towards the main villa - hey, leave me alone; it was bumpy!

Jill and Abigail pose for the camera.

Jason and Abigail give us a brief overview of why they chose this specific restaurant and what to expect with the meal (6 courses, if I recall correctly).
Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Rhoades for the awesome evening!!

Jill and I pose with the ever-smiling Sara White.

Jason makes the rounds to me and Sara.
I reward him handsomely...

Jill and Abigail pose in front of/with wine.

J&A give a more formal speech.

Becky, A's maid of honor, is emotional over the sweet things J&A say about her.

The crew from the other room gathers closer.

As if out of nowhere, Kyle appears, vino-in-hand.
From whereever he came, he must have crawled. (Check the Bon Jovi pants.)

Rich gives a rousing best-man speech, which, though tough, he shall certainly out-do tomorrow.

...and as Rich speaks...

...apparently I start to lean...

...then I lean some more...

Jill and Ansley at Route 66, whose little green fairy proved the death of me.

Jill licks Kevin.
Umm, k.

Rich and I pose with the bartender and a crapload of waters. The bartender has been to Athens, GA 5-6 times, probably because it is the sister city of where we are - Cortona, Italy.

The lead singer from Europe gives a pump-pump.

Tomorrow, the Wedding (and RECEPTION!!)