May 8, 2006 - Italian Wedding Soup - Day 4

part 2 - Siena and the afterparty

The walls of old Siena.

Jill and Rich pose at the imposing city wall.

We met some awesome Aussies - Mandy and John from Naracoorte, South Australia.
We shared a drink with them under the watchful gaze of Sollustio Bandini...

...and some of his friends.

Rich and I prepare to depart with Jill, bottles-in-hand, and head the exact OPPOSITE direction from where we need to be.

...the town square (which is more of a semi-circle).

Stripey church.

After getting terribly lost, then almost dying, Rich prepares to blow off a little steam by peeing in a wine bottle.

Then he actually does it.


Good dog.

By the time we get back, Kevin is there - and very excited to see us!

Kristin and Mike.

Averett, Connor (Abigails ex-step-brother-in-law from Victoria, Canada), Kristin, Mike, and Josh (Abigail's brother).

Beth confuses Damien (I guess)

Sarah, Kyle (Abigails other ex-step-brother-in-law from Victoria, Canada - and a patently awesome guy, like his brother), Jill, Gilchrist, and Rich (bottle-in-hand).

Fin-chick and John (Abigail's oldest sibling)

Back at our villa, chillin'.

Kevin inadvertently discovers... poker chips!!!

Tomorrow, Florence!