May 7, 2006 - Italian Wedding Soup - Day 3


The morning view from San Crispolto, the main villa where Jason and Abigail stayed with their families.

Sunday morning, we catch the early train from Passignano to Perugia.

After walking up the mountain, we're within the original city-fortress.
Momma White, Jason, Abigail, and Sarah pose in the main square at Perugia.

AA poses in front of the meandering crew.

The Etruscan Arch (pre-Roman).

Umbrian views...

The long climb...

The ridge, lined with homes, shops, and lofts, winds away from the city center.

My wife is HOT!!

Hangin' on the stairs - some drinking beer, some eating gelato or chocolate, some having their afternoon tea...
...soaking in the life...
(and catching a nun-parade.)

It was Umbrian Flag-Wavers Day or something this day because they apparently did this in other towns like Siena on the same day.

Nice toss, dudes!

Seriously, these are GROWN MEN!

OK, back to the city. Under a random archway is this inset in the stone.

Gilchrist, Rhoades, Wilson, and Averett are mesmerized by... something... uh, apparently in front and above them.

This isn't it because this was directly behind them at this time.

Back from Perugia, folks are hanging by the pool.

Then, it rained, but we still have a great place to hang out!

Braving the rain to go downtown to eat.

Back from dinner, back to the norm - drinking metric buttloads of vino.
(Yes, vino is traditionally measured in metric buttloads.

Our new Canadian friend, Kyle, is the least fuzzy here (though he'd make up for lost time - we all would)...

Tomorrow, the wine tour!