May 5-6, 2006 - Italian Wedding Soup - Day 1-2

As Jill puts it, this is our reward for me being gone so much.
For the ATL=>CDG leg of the trip, we took AirFrance Premier Espace.
In addition to the 'standard' toiletry kit from business class, each seat came with its own designer pajamas (pictured), slippers, and - of course - oxygen mask.
When we went to the restroom, they made up our 'beds' with soft, thick sheets, real pillows, and a duvet.
It was the best sleep (and best bed) we had on the whole trip.


metro Paris

We just got here, but Abigali's hungry, so we're movin' on...

So, after connecting in Paris, flying to Florence, taking a train to Passignano del Transimeno, we head out to a late dinner at Ciao-Ciao.
(Shh... Abby's telling a story.)

L-R: Abigail soon-to-be-Rhoades, her youngest sibling David, can't-see-becky, Homer, Angie, can't-see-Mike, barely-see-Kristin, little-bit-o-Nichola, Abigail's sister Sarah.

There's Becky (far left) and Momma-White!

Me, Jill, Beth, and Abigail after a few bottles of wine (I mean, just starting)

So we go upstairs to some middle-age dance club.
Time to go home.
(Nicolas-the-Belgian, Jill, Momma-White, Sara, Abigail, and David.)

Finally here after the ordeal of the trip, Rich kicks back with Andrew Averett and Gilchrist (far left).

Chillin' at San Cripsolto.

Tomorrow we go to Perugia!