April 22, 2006 - The Bay of Pigs Roast

On the way to the roast, I pick up my costume.
(You have to pick sides - Communist or Capitolist. Which did you THINK I'd choose?)

The morning roasting crew...

I meet Andy - the capitolist-pig farmer.

After a shot of Cuban rum, we're awake.

Andrew Averett and I toast. Preparations for a rainy roast...

The redneck jew (or "jaw")

scary, eh?

Rich tries out his new hammock...

Then his gigantic mellon pulls him backwards.

The littlest luchadore!

And we're off to flippy cups.

Averett and I are captains.

The capitolists win the first 2-out-of-3 bout.

Protecting the hog from the rain.

Put that commie to work!

"Flipping pig better dan bread line back in mother R-r-russia!"

Mm... Tasty!

Andy yells at someone.

Uncle Sam joins the carving.

Russian officer checks out Uncle Sam's good side and sighs...

Let the nibbling begin!

Almost done...

THAT's done!!