March 11, 2006 - Atlanta to Seattle Roadtrip, Day 3

Leg 4 - Washington

Key stats:
Distance covered: 301 miles
Drive time: 5 hours
States: WA
Other: Finally see the new place!

"Relax, there's not a story to tell... I've spent the last three days in a run-down motel..."
- Dayroom
Today, the last little bit. It was basically a short drive to the airport.

The gentle hills of central Washington.

Crossing the Cle Elum River.

The Saddle Mountains

“Take it hip-to-hop, rockin’ through the wilderness…. Roam if you want to… Roam around the world.”
- the B-52s

Getting closer to the Cascades.

Outside Roslyn, WA

Striking timber-lined ridges!

Passing jagged peaks on freshly-snowplowed roads.

Ohmygosh. We're finally there!

Yes, that means there are only 18 more miles of I-90 until the ocean...

Issaquah Highlands. This is the road they live off of.

Check out the round door!!

The entrance. Slate steps over hardwood floors.

Wood everywhere.
I love it!

Eat your heart out, Carey...

The Truman Show-esque view of the back of another street (zoomed-in from Grim's back yard).

”My truck… Is a good ole boy. My truck… It’s a big ole toy. Hauls stuff… That’s what I bought it for. My truck is a good ole’ boy”
- Rusty McHugh

(Well, it is Grim's truck...)
Bailey waits patiently (-ish) in the truck.

A view of Seattle from Issaquah Highlands.
It didn't come out well in the picture, but you'll have to trust me here... Above the skyline are clouds. Above that (the whiter peaks) are the Olympic Mountains.

The I-90 floating Lacey V. Murrow Bridge across Lake Washington in Seattle.

It actually hit10 feet, but my batteries died (again).

The tunnel at the end of the bridge.