March 9, 2006 - Atlanta to Seattle Roadtrip, Day 0.5

Overall Trip Stats:
License Plates recorded: 40 states, 5 provinces, 1 other (U.S. Gov't)
Lowest Elevation: 10 (floating bridge, I-90, Washington)
Highest Elevation: 6370 (Continental Divide, I-90, Montana)
Warmest Temperature: 71° (Cumming, Georgia)
Coldest Temperature: 4° (Keystone, Montana)
Miles Traveled: 2,924 Travel Time: 46 hours
Interesting animals seen: turkey, "wee deer" (white-tail), mule deer, hawk, bear, goat, sheep, antelope, eagle, llama, prarie dog, rabbit*, racoon*, skunk*, black ground squirrel,* cow*
(* indicates roadkill)
Books on tape listened-to: first 4.33 of C.S. Lewis' Chronicals of Narnia (Books on CD)

Leg 1 - Georgia to Kentucky

Key stats:
Distance covered: 385 miles
Drive time: 9.5 hours
States: GA, TN, KY
General landscacpe: Rolling north Georgia hills turn into the lower Smokey Mountains. Then, elevation slowly gets to our low of 310 feet in Paducah, Kentucky.
Other: Hailstorm just after Nashville, TN and blinding thunderstorms just before Peducah, KY. (We didn't see the tornados that ravaged the region.)

Head's up: I created 5 mixed CDs with songs I found fun and/or appropriate for the trip. I didn't spend a whole lot of time on it, so I know there are more appropriate songs out there. Any lyrics you see below are from those songs - and are just sprinkled through these pages for fun.

The Griffiths' former Georgia household is packed.

Jill and I had many a fun time with the Griffiths and friends in this den - cocktail parties, casual dinners, football games, etc.

“Don’t stay home this time. No don’t stay home… Ah-oh.”
- 311

Finally on the road, here is the plan:
Cut through to I-75N to I-24W.
Pick up the dog and drop off the cat at Amanda's parent's place in Paducah, KY. Depending on when we get to Kentucky, we'll either crash there or try to get some more miles under our [seat] belt.

"Have you ever seen the Blue Ridge Mountains, boy - or the Chattahoochee - or the Honeysuckle Blue?"
- Drivn' n' Cryn'

Little purple flowers are in bloom in fields all over GA.

"Take me to another place. Take me to another land."
- Arrested Development

We cross our first state-line of the trip, putting us in Tennessee.

Bailey slept the WHOLE way, unless we were eating. Then she put her head on the passenger's shoulder, hoping for scraps.

Nashville. After the I-24 traffic, it was night by the time we got here.

Posing at the KY sign with one of our other passengers - one of four african violets.

Grim and Charlie are reunited after 11 days.

Momma and grandpop dote over 'the little bub.'
Meanwhile, I eat spaghetti and blue-cheese cole slaw that Mrs. Thompson prepared for us. (Thanks again!)
Had we made decent time, we may have gotten there 2.5-3 hours earlier for dinner.

Charlie lounges on the couch, waiting for his parents to take him to bed.

This is where G&I crash in order to get up early for 'the big push,' for tomorrow will be our longest day in terms of both time and distance.