March 5, 2006 - Reception for Stacey and Adam

What a gorgeous day!

Lake Lanier is SOOoo BLUE.

Jill and I take the "dam road" from Cumming to Sugar Hill.

Wow. Very pretty, but enough of the lake.

Jill, Amy, and Candace (not pictured) make sandwiches.

The groom sweeps for proximity mines.
(Bill Jones is caught mid-chew.)

Adam and Stacey get down to business.

I was told the picture was intended to show off the ring, but man!
I can't take my eyes of Stacey's big ole...!

People are mingling. (...and Bill's still eating.)

The barkeep always has to keep the GIs in line.

Comou-Conner blends into the underbrush.

The beehive blender matches Stacey's dress perfectly!

Adam: "I want no part of this bouquet thang."
Stacey: "Wow. Thanks, Hannah."

"C'mere private!

Where you from, boy??
Hoschton, sir.
Only two things come out of Hoschton. Which one are you, boy? I don't see no horns!

You said, "How are you?"
A ewe is a female sheep. Is that what you think I am, boy?

Yo, Joe!

Stairsteps: the great-grandchildren.

Stacey, Kelley, and friends.

The matriarchs: Carey, Nan, Jackie, and Jere in front of the Sydney Lanier Room.

Jamey plays fetch with Bella on the lawn, while ___ looks on.

Jackie and children - Tommy, Kelley, Stacey, and Jimmy.

Stacey imparts her wisdom of how to catch a man upon the next generation.

A parting shot of the happy couple -
Stacey and Adam Pearce.