January 28, 2006 - Radiant's 20th Anniversary Party

Beautiful day in Atlanta!

Piedmont Park was bustling with people, dogs and frisbees, kites, etc.

The tent was being staged early.

The Metzgers came as the band Devo of "Whip It" fame.

John Hunt emceed the custume contest.

Art strikes a pose.

John Hunt and "Flock of Mulcay."

Kevin Sykora and his Matrial Girl.

Upstairs, it was 'de ATL.'

Whoever that girl in the middle is was the TALK of whatever dancefloor she was on!

Gustavo "Antonio" Trelles and Chris "Crocket" are stylin'.

___ (know I met her, just forgot the name), Gustavo, and Norma "Lick it Up" Krempel.

Dave Uidel as himself in 1985.

Quigg remenieces about having flowing locks in the glorious decade.