January 1-2, 2006 - Danube Trip - Days 8-9

New Year's in Budapest, Hungary and heading home

At midnight, the fireworks start.

At first, they are only being shot from in front of the Chain Bridge.

Then, they launch some from behind Parliament.

Bill, Paul, Mom, Wayne, Caroline, and Jill enjoy the show.

Hungarian Immigration woke everyone up about 3am for a face check.
Luckily, Jill and I were still awake. Some people weren't so lucky...

The next day (technically the same day) was the trip back to Austria.
We pass through the same locks we went through before, but this time we're raised.

The obligatory Baked Alaska parade.

Group picture time!

back: Bill, Carey, Caroline, Wayne, Jill, me, Paul, mom, Sandy, Roman (our cruise program director)
front: Eulalia, Ben, Martin (our waiter) and Eszter (our assistant waiter)

Chatting after our last dinner.

We retire to the lounge to play cards.

On the plane in Vienna, where the forecast was for 12" of snow!

Of course, it eventually melts on the windows, ruining the picture...
That's it!