December 30, 2005 - Danube Cruise - Day 6

Budapest, Hungary

At the castle overlooking Budapest.

Interesting oil and vinegar set, eh?

Cool building. Used to be a train station. Now it is a market.

Looking down a pedestrian street, lined with shops and restaurants.

Jill and I stopped at one of the restaurants for a few drinks. What a hole. Crappy wine, but CHEAP.

After one drink, we move on to another, nicer place.
One of the customers had her Eight-Ball (an American Eskimo) with her.

Jill and I missed the last shuttle to the boat, so it is a long, cold walk.

Scenic walk, though!

Back on the boat, we have 'wine-time!'

Ben and Eulalia toast their honeymoon.

As we go to bed, the beautifully lit Parliament is our last sight.

Tomorrow - New Year's Eve in Budapest!