December 29, 2005 - Danube Cruise - Day 5

Bratislava, Slovakia (part 2)

As everyone else goes back to the boat for lunch, Ben and I head into our favorite cheap bar for a couple of "Salty Pheasants," a local beer they call Zlaty Bezant, which I don't try to pronounce.

The view of the other bank of Bratislava from the boat.

After touring the city of Bratislava, we drive out to a town halfway to Prague to have lunch with a family.
These are just some pictures from along the way.

Finally in the town.

Shades of north Georgia - someone dries rabbit skins from their shed.

Back downtown, I check out the outdoor bar area

...and their meaty offerings.

Mom, Caroline, Paul and I climb Michael's Gate...

..and are treated to a panaramic view of Bratislava.

Its getting late; the outdoor bar is bustling, despite the wind and bitter cold.

Back on the boat, a local children's choir sing Christmas music - both English and Slovak tunes.

A last look at the castle as we leave.

The brides of Bratislava.

Not a draw bridge. Our boat is long and wide so it can be short enough to pass under the countless bridges we passed.

Tomorrow, we wake up in Budapest!