December 29, 2005 - Danube Cruise - Day 5

Bratislava, Slovakia (part 1)

We took a half-day city tour of Bratislava to get a feel for the town.
This is the Presidential Palace.

Random alley-way.
(Love the snow-covered cars.)

Enter the Castle.

Just in case you want to know what castle
(and you speak Slavak.)

Bratislava from the heights of the Castle.

Quintessential eastern European skyline.

Sights of Bratislava all over a sight from home...

Cool view of the castle.

The tour continued through the old town.

Slovakian for "Mind the gap."

Under Michael's Gate is a compass and mileage marker.
290km to Prague. 6,856 to New York.

Cooler view of Michael's Gate.

After the Napoleanic Wars, residents got a tax break for any buildings damaged in battles.
The owner of this house took a cannon ball from the ground and imbedded it in the wall to get the tax break, even though the siege was performed from the other side of town - meaning the cannon ball couldn't have possible hit this facade.

Cool window display - but check town hall in the reflection.

Town hall (from the previous pictures reflection) and the temporary Christmas Market shops in the main town square.

No idea. I didn't take notes. Pretty, though.

Christmas really is big there.
There is a significantly smaller presence of Santa, but trees and nativity scenes are abundant!

Warning: Man at Work.

There he is, not really working much.
Cool statuary are sprinkled all over Bratislava... this - "Paparazzi."
The ladies get into the picture...