December 27, 2005 - Danube Cruise - Day 3


We woke up after our first night on the Danube and saw some geese swimming right by our window.
Our room was mostly under the water-line, with our windows only about 12" above the surface. It makes for an interesting perspective.

Walking up to Belvedere.


Looking down at Vienna across the gardens.

The "Monument of the Unknown Plunderer" (Vienna's nickname for the Russian monument.)

St. Stephen's Cathedral.

Inside St. Stephen's Cathedral.

We stopped for coffee at a local favorite, Cafe Central, for some cappucino and cake.

It was very nice inside - it was like a museum or a church.

Then, we continued the walk to the Hofburg, the royal palace in Vienna.

There are Roman ruins below street level in front of the Hofburg.

The Lipizzaner Riding School, home of the famous horses.

St. Peter's.

The organ pipes in St. Peter's.

Monument to the victims of the black plague.

Many streets were decked with their own holiday displays.
The ritzy jewler, Cartier, is the store on the left corner.

Interesting drink menu - you can have a drink called an 'Orgasm' made with "Wodka."

After a long day (and an opera for most of our group), Ben and I catch up with the barhoppers for a late-night drink at a local (cheap) watering hole.

Jill drinking a beer (a radler with Pilsner Urquell).

So, that church looks a little different at night (after free wine at dinner, followed by 1.5L of beer).