December 25-26, 2005 - Danube Cruise - Days 1-2

So we left Christmas Day.
We carried our heavy coats on. Bill was inventive [and maybe a little bored] and tied all the coats together to make a big pillow.
He did it as a joke, but it was so much easier to carry, that we kept it this way from TGI Friday's at Hartsfield, though the connection in Charles De Gaulle, all the way to Vienna.
We named it "Jack."

After calling it "Jack" for 8 hours, we realized we needed a picture of Jack and Jill.

Right by the boat is Mexiko Platz, named after the only country that opposed Hitler in some way that I forgot. Anyway, the "Memory Church" of St. Franz (St. Francis of Assisi).

The front of the church.

Stangely, we noticed that they decided to place a replica of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree in front.

The first night, we celebrated Sandy's birthday.