December 5-6, 2005 - Vegas Trip - Days 4-5

The next day, Jill and I head back to the Wynn.

Interesting mosaics - very detailed, but not as rich looking as Bellagio.

Behind the Wynn is their own little lagoon with gentle jets making a pattern in the water and strange people-sculptures... front of a wall of water.

Snazzy lobby, though.

We rushed back to the hotel, changed, and went to Tao for dinner.

It was AMAZING. We totally recommend it!

Afterwards, it was off to the Blue Man Group.

It was neat (no pics, sorry), but nothing like "O" - the Cirque show.

Jill poses in front of a promotional poster.

Then, she kisses a Blue Man.

Showing off her Blue Man residue, she poses with one of the 'real' drummers.

The Venetian wrapped their tower to advertise their new show.


Cold Pizza (the ESPN2 morning show) was filming in front of Caesar's.

We have to show off our paint. (Jill had been feeling friendly.)

We caught a few water shows in front of Bellagio.


Back at Luxor, we clean off the Blue Spoo and get ready to go back out.

This time, its Rumjungle, the normal-people club that's still wildly popular.

See why? Chicks dancing from the ceiling...

Chicks doing trapese acts over the bar.

More chicks...

We'd hooked up with Laurie, a friend of Jill's from high school, and her husband, Max.
Laurie has a clear head.

Chicks selling upside down margaritas and other shots from the bar.

Chicks doing tricks from silk drapey things.

After a long night...