December 2-4, 2005 - Vegas Trip - Days 1-3

We flew into Vegas Friday night, met Palak, went to Caesar's ultra-posh club, PURE.

(The Pussycat Dolls Lounge has an elevated platform in the middle of the room for dancers - and one drunk chick dancing with a floor-length mirror. Very sad.)

This is what it looks like from outside (before it opens).

The morning saw us at Belagio (after crepes at Paris) in our private booth watching Georgia pummel LSU in the SEC Championship game.
Afterwards, we walked through Belagio to see the Seasonal Room.

Jill and Palak pose in front of Bellagio's penguins.

Winetime turns into naptime as we recharge for the night.

Dolled-up, we head to the Venetian...

...where they have the new uber club, Tao.
There, Jill and I leave Palak to her own devices and hit the town.

A view up at the strip.

Inside Bellagio, we take the photo-op at the tree o' balls.

The next day, we walk through the Forum Shops at Caesar's and stop for a picture at FAO Schwartz.

The fishtank inside is cool.

The fish have grown so much since we were here last!

We walked through the new addition to the Forum Shops. There they had the new fad in casinos - the spiral escalator.

Yeah, we had to ride it, of course.

cool cieling.

Inside the atrium at the Mirage.

(real flowers!)

The new Wynn casino.

It is pretty, but no clear theme makes is disappointing. It has been done before (Bellagio) on a larger scale - and closer to the action.

They have the best shops - meaning I'd only heard of a few - Tiffany's, Lamborghini, and Ferrari.

One atrium with cool lanterns.

Jill and Palak pose outside the lobby.