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November 26, 2005 - Georgia at Georgia Tech

We went to the Vortex for burgers before the game. They sat us at the window where we noticed the bar "Bulldogs" across the street. As Brian would say, it was a sign...

A view of the field during the game.

Our view of the scoreboard, with the final score - Dawgs 14, Nerds 7.

Not many pictures taken during the action, but we took a few after it was over.

The team came over to celebrate with the fans.

Man, they cleared the scoreboard quick!
Glad I got that shot when I did!

Brannan Sutherland waves the 'G' flag.

The Redcoat band put on the traditional post-game concert (Angel-Glory, Dixieland with two solos, Battle Hymn, Tara, and the Cadence).
It was a late night, but totally worth it!