November 4-6, 2005 - Boston

For Jill's birthday weekend (UGA bye weekend), we went to Boston.

We took the MTA to Boston Commons to start our first day of walking.

Hippies setup boots around the Commons to represent the number of U.S. casualties in the current war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
More than 2000 boots, some with names and hometowns, were placed in rows.

The "New State House," only dating back to 1798, overlooks Boston Commons.

Outside the Paul Revere House.

Just some building just outside the Naval base on the north side of the harbor.

Just a cool house...

Walking the Freedom Trail, we get to the USS Constitution.

A view of Boston from the deck.

Check out the rigging!

The Bunker Hill Monument

(Yes, its on Breed's Hill)

The end of the Freedom Trail. We walked the whole darn thing from Boston Commons (and back).

Cool wall-art.

in Boston Commons...

Across from the New State House.

The New State House at night.

The next morning, we head to Haa-vaad.

Its a beautiful campus.

The leaves are just the right color.

Not a church, this serves as a library and the performing arts auditoria.

(insde it)

Another view. What a cool building.

So we rode to BC, figuring it would have a cool bar to watch the BC/UNC football game (which was in Chapel Hill).
No dice. No bars. We DID get onto the field, though.

The have this dude's name EVERYWHERE in the stadium...
"Who but W.B. Mason."
"Brought to you by none other than W.B. Mason."
I just looked it up; that is the slogan of an office supply store that sponsors BC.

A view of B.C.'s pretty (ahem) campus.

Finally an attractive building. Everything on the south side was ugly.

The fog started rolling in.

We head back out to an Irish Bar and watch some football. This was just on the way back, taken at the intersection where "the Boston Massacre" occurred.