October 22, 2005 - UGA Homecoming 2005

The traditional in-front-of-Uga's-outhouse Homecoming shot.

This year, Kevin and I decided to waltz up onto the cheerleading stage for a pic with the 1950's cheerleaders.

Pic ourtesy of Jimmy-the-Fish. (His name is notJames until he says it is!)

Ok. Chris is being cute.
I'm looking for residual alcohol on my lower lip.

Waiting for Chris' turn, I take pictures of Uga.

Almost our turn... (That's Chris on the extreme left.)

Right before Chris walked up, Uga barked pretty loudly.
I'm guessing that scared Chris a little bit...

Kevin. Pregame.

Houston Nutt on the sidelines.

The big Dawgs hunker down.

Dogs and Hogs, linin' up.

Kick the ball! Kick the ball! Kick the DAMN ball!

Who is that guy and why couldn't he have eaten #5?

Kevin. Halftime.

Next to Holly and Chis, Brian prepares to sock one to the helmet-head in front of him.

Jill and Chris.

Notice Jill has a fully-functioning left wrist.

Ugly game...

...but there are not ugly winning scoreboards!