September 16, 2005 - Ben and Eulalia's Rehearsal Dinner

(all photos courtesy of Bill Jones)

Chateau Morisette - site of the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

(gift shop and tasting room)

Where the magic happens...

Barrels (with dog feet) to the ceiling)

The countryside of Meadows Of Dan, Virginia.

Paul's speach was animated.

The sisters sing the traditional song, "Get me to the Church on Time."

"Pull out the stopper!
Let's have a whopper! But get me to the church on time!"

"This is cute, Eulalia. Exactly how long IS this song...?"

If I am dancin'... roll up the floor.
If I am whistlin'... shptlsut me out the door!

Seriously... more verses?

Kick up an rumpus, but don't lost the compass;
and get me to the church, get me to the church,
for gosh sake, get me to the church... on... time!