June 11 & 19, 2005 - At the Feeders...

"First I poke my head up to make sure they're not watching."

"Then I shimmy up the window frame and across the upper sill."

"After positioning myself over my bounty, I gingerly lower my hands onto the buffet's sneeze-guard."

"Then in a feat of sheer dexterity, I demonstrate my intestinal fortitude by deftly swinging down. I am a graceful butterfly."

"Victory. Have sunflower seeds ever smelled so sweet? I think not."

"Chowin' my ass down."

"I think perhaps I am being watched."


Redbreasted woodpecker. (He leans way back to eat...)

(...then forward to peck.)

(Then back again.)

A pair of goldfinches.

Goldfinch and redbreasted woodpecker.

A trio of goldfinhes.