June 17, 2005 - Mom and Ginger in Athens for 'Football 101'

After registering on the Woodruff Practice Fields and getting our goodie bag, we’re ready to head to our first session in the Rankin Smith Building in the background.

There were three sessions – we went to learn Defense first with Coach Martinez

Then to the training room in Butts-Mehre with Coach Van.

Running Back Thomas Brown demonstrated the equipment.

He’s getting ready…

And he’s up. He made it look easy, but I’d never make it. Maybe the lowest one on the left is for beginners.

They proudly stated that this is the only lunge training equipment in the US.

On to the locker room.

And then to the room honoring Heisman Trophy winners, SEC All-Americans, and players whose jerseys have been retired.

We both wanted our picture with Herschel.

The Championship Seasons—with plenty of room for more.

The theater is where the players meet for motivational films prior to the games. This is Coach Tereshinski, who planned Football 101 (Joe, III’s father).

We’ve been to a lot of different bowl games.

And of course, UGA VI.

I’m not sure what is going on with the people on the left, but Ginger is just over Mark Richt’s right shoulder.

We cornered Coach Richt before lunch in the Continuing Ed Building.

When I told DJ I could hardly wait for football season to start, he said, “Me, too.”

Our last session was Offense. “Doc” tells us a typical week for coaches during football season.

Then onto the field to try out what we learned. Well, Ginger and I just cheered.

Ginger prepares to run onto the field in Sanford Stadium.

The new scoreboard.

Where we will be sitting on September 3rd - Section 317.

Or maybe, here in Section 118.

Coach Martinez

We both liked him.

And Coach Garner

They were renovating the locker rooms, so we couldn’t go inside.

But we did get up close with the Uga’s fire hydrant…

…and we knew Scott would be disappointed if we missed a chance to get into Uga’s dog house.

The end to a perfect day.