May 29, 2005 - Memorial Day Weekend in D.C. - Day 2 - The Memorials

We walked south a couple of blocks from our hotel to the South Lawn of te White House. (The next week, some guy got arrested for climbing the gates right here.)

Then across the mall and towards the monuments. This first one was the Second Division Memorial.

The fountains of the [new] World War II Memorial.

One of the two columned entryways.

There were individual monuments to more than just the then-48 states. Guam, Puerto Rico, and several other regions have their own monument, too.

A wall of 4,000 stars to memorialize the more than 400,000 American casualties from both theaters.

This was about as close to the Washington Monument as we got. It was under construction. The 50 flags and surrounding grass had even been removed.

Across the reflecting pond from in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

The Vietnam Memorial... "The Wall" was the most populated memorial we visited, mostly because of the thousands of bikers in town for "Thunder"-something weekend.

LeRoy rule: if it can be climbed-upon, do it.
(Mulcays have a 'without being arrested clause.')

The Korean War Memorial.

Thousands of bikers had descended upon D.C. for the Memorial Day weekend. We walked, ate, feel asleep, and woke up to the rumblings of Harleys.

Posing with Frankie.

Sometimes I sits and thinks - and sometimes I just sits.

O-ee-O. We-OOOOOO-O.
O-ee-O. We-OOOOOO-O.

Seriously, Elenor, this cape makes me look like a freak.

Ellie was a BIIIIIIG lady...

Jefferson Memorial across the tidal basin.

I see the man...

Outside the Holocaust Museum. This was still free, but it is the most popular place in D.C. these days. We got tickets online (for free, plus a nominal $5 handling fee[!] so we could get in.
Go figure! Evan's people found a way to make even a free museum in D.C. profitable. (Mazel Tov!)
OK. Seriously, it was a very impressive museum. Very, very sobering!

At Arlington.

The Lee House (so maned because the Yanks stole his land to create Arlington National [Union] Cemetary) with JFK's eternal flame in the foreground.

That was our trip.
Great place for a weekend getaway!