May 28, 2005 - Memorial Day Weekend in D.C. - Day 1 - The Buildings and Museums

Jill and I went to D.C. for Memorial Day - coincidentally the weekend of our 3rd wedding anniversary.
Friday we flew into Reagan, went out for a late bite, and crashed (no pics). This picks up Saturday morning.
D.C. proved to be a land of roses. They were blooming everywhere!

The old Post Office, which is now a ritzy food court...

the sign: The place of justice is a hallowed place. my take: The door of justice is a closed door.

The National Archives, home to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Emancipation Proclamation, and much more.
(The line was too long, so we came back later.)

A fountain in The National Gallery of Art Statuary Garden.

Same fountain, different direction - with National Archives in the background.

Pyramid in The National Gallery of Art Statuary Garden.

Freaky-scary rabiit in The National Gallery of Art Statuary Garden.

On to the Smithsonial Air and Space Museum. The X-1 that Yeager used to break the sound barrier.

Amelia Earhart's plane.

Full-scale model of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Tomohawk Cruise Missile.

Apollo landing craft.

The Wright Brother's plane - the real thing. (The one at Kittyhawk is the replica.)

Sojourner's brother.

Native America Museum.

On to what ended up being Jill's favorite part - the National Botanical Gardens.

Banana blossom.

The Jungle Room.

There were cat-walks in the Jungle Room where you can look down at the flora.

Jill in the Orchid Room.

More orchids.

More orchids.

The Capitol. All of the tour passes had been given out for the day, but our day was full enough...

The Supreme Court.

Huge lady with hollow eyes holding a miniature, but full-grown man (on the steps up to the Supreme Court building).

From the top of the Supreme Court steps.

The fountain in front of the Library of Congress (Jefferson building).


From the mall. (I took about 30 shots of the Washington Monument - and cut out most of them.)

"Smithsonian Castle."

More roses.

The Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

Looking down into the Mammal Room.

Back to the National Archives...

The Declaration of Independence. (No, I did NOT use a flash...)

Well, I guess I could have waited and let this speak for the picture above.

The Bill of Rights.

The muralled walls of the National Archives rotunda.

The Navy Memorial.

Dinner - Legal Seafood.

Gates into the smallest and most underwhelming Chinatown of all time.