May 25-26, 2005 - Decorating the Park's place and Gnocchi with Mauro

Ayla Sumi Park arrived on May 25th. We got the honors of decking the house (mildly).

Of course, mildly does include a 15-foot long sign (hung with duct tape, per Forsyth County covenants).

The obligatory pink bow. You see, no one knew the gender.
2/3 of the people in the "Parklet Baby Pool" guessed it was going to be a boy.

I was told to add balloons the next day.

So, Mauro came over to cook with us.
Sooooooo good. Tomato-basil sour, homemade gnocchi with pesto, and creme brulee.

Done with the soup, it is back to making and cutting the gnocchi.

An apron-clad Mauro shows off his wares...

Kitchen is still a mess.

Seriously, invite Mauro over, give him a little red wine, and watch him go. Totally worth the mess.