May 22, 2005 - NCAA Tennis Team Championships

A sunny day in Athens, Georgia.

The Texas Longhorns take on...

the Stanford Cardinal.

Guess who Jill and I are rooting for?

The Cardinal gets ready for play...

The format: 3 doubles matches are played (one 8-game "pro-set" each). The team that wins 2 of them gets a single point.
Then, six singles matches are played simultaneously - each for a point.
That's a total of seven points... Once either team gets four points, they win and play on the other courts immediately ceases.

I don't have many pictures of the match. The 'Horns didn't hold out long enough.
Stanford won the first two doubles matches (and the third court, which was rendered moot, was at a triple match-point for Stanford when they stopped play).

Stanford won the first three singles matches.

Texas hadn't won as much as a set and had no leads on any court when play stopped.

Stanford celebrates.