April 29, 2005 - Mediterranean Trip - Day 16


We drive the rental across a long bridge to the islands of Venice.
Carey immediately feels at home.

We cross the Grand Canal (for the first time).

We know
exactly where we're going...

Still walking to San Marco.

Crossing the Grand Canal (again).

Crossing a lesser canal.

Crossing the Grand Canal again on the Rialto Bridge.

Finally at San Marco, we look across the square to the Venice hotel and casino...
Oh wait! This is actually the real thing. (You can tell because it is dirtier and has fewer billboards (but not none).

St. Mark's Cathedral.

A view of the bell tower from behind one of the four horses on top of the Cathedral.

The Piazza San Marco and its restaurants.

A view towards the lagoon. Doges Palace on left.

Feeding the pigeons some of my leftover pizza crust.
There are so many, you just see random wings behind me and under my hand.

Carey joins me. We had them all over us - eating out of our hands.
Not being Egyptian pigeons, they are not afraid of people!

From atop the bell tower. It is said that Venice is so built up, you cannot see any canals from the bell tower.

Busy port...

The Venice lagoon.

After the bell tower, Bill and Carey relax with this wonderful view of Venice.

We took a gondola ride. Of course, it is a little expensive, but totally worth it!
It started off right by the Bridge of Sighs.

Looking back at the Bridge of Sighs, behind the gondolier.

Gondola crossing.

Low bridge...

Waterline shot of the Grand Canal.

To give you an idea of how narrow some of the canals were, here is a shot looking straight up from a Gondola.

We finally make it to the Grand Canal.

In front of the Ponte Rialto.

The back of the same Rialto Bridge.

Cassanova's balcony.

After a long, full day, we relax at our gondolier's favorite restaurant.

And Carey meets another man who feeds her tiramisu and vino...
I'll leave the rest of Carey's evening up to your imagination...

Tomorrow - the train across the Italian and Swiss Alps to Zurich...