April 28, 2005 - Mediterranean Trip - Day 15


Finally in Florence, we walk towards the Uffizi.
In front is 'Perseus and Medusa.'

hmm... interesting angle.

Mom takes a picture of one of the Ninja Turles.

Jill and I pose in front of th ePonte Vecchio.

A view from the Ponte Vecchio.

Where's William?

The Duomo...

...and its belltower.

It is hard to describe the ornateness of the Duomo's facade.
Pictures do NOT do it justice!

The golden doors of the chapel outside the Duomo.

Close-up to show the relief.

Inside the Duomo.

The interior of the Duomo dome.
Check the bottom, reddish part... It is quite macabre. (More to come on that.)

There were stairs. 'Nuff said.

Getting closer to the top of the dome.

The view.

Love the hills in the distance!

Totally worth the 400+ narrow steps.

Towards the front of the Duomo.

Mom and I have to prove 'we were there.'

The evil shot I promised. Dragons eating people...

Old, naked people running for their lives as flames lick their... nevermind. (Bad choice of words.)

After dinner, Jill and I hadn't had enough walking. While mom, Bill, and Carey wander around the labyrinth of Florence, Jill and I go back to the Ponte Vecchio.

Again, cooler than the picture shows...

We just chill.
Good times...

Good times...

Tomorrow, the canals of Venezia/Venice