April 26, 2005 - Mediterranean Trip - Day 13


After leaving the Forum, we stop by another one of the top-10 fountains in Rome.

What a building!

Outside the Pantheon...

I could not find Raphael Santo's tomb, so here's a different shot from inside the Pantheon.

The Oculus in the roof of the Pantheon is the only source of light. There are no windows anywhere in the Pantheon.

We head to the Trevi Fountain.

We all throw coins in the Trevi so we'll return to Rome.

One of the top-10 fountains in Rome in Piazza Barbarini by the Capuchin Chapel.
Before we go on, I want to warn you. The Franciscan monks that live in the Capuchin Chapel are a little strange. They get bored and start... doing things... with the bones of their former fellow friars. THEY call it "art."

They decorate the walls of their crypt with the bones of former monks.

They have thousands of dead monks. A nearly-unlimited supply of all sorts of bones. Look at the sheer quantity of skulls alone, here.

The ceiling is lined with scalpulas. Check out the center of the decoration in the wall. I'm guessing it is the monks' "Coat of Arms."

After pizza and wine, we move on... The Spanish Steps...

Continuing the Angels and Demons thing, we hit the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo.

Church of Santa Maria del Popolo.

Inside the church.

The alter.

The 'real' "demon's hole" (if you read the book).

Still in the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo.

On of the pyramids with masonic symbols that are supposed to be out of place.

We took the train back towards the Coliseum to go check out another site...

Cool view.

On the other side of this is The Church of St. Peter in Chains.

Inside the church is Michaelangel's "Moses."
Notice his horns...

The chains Peter was wearing when he was brought to Rome.

St. Peters at night...

It really isn't wet, like it looks. Cool effect, though.

Supposedly one of the Top-10 fountains in Rome (I wouldn't call it that), this isn't inside St. Peter's Square, but just inside the Vatican walls.

The Trevi at night...

Tomorrow... Vatican and Assisi