April 23, 2005 - Mediterranean Trip - Day 10


Still in Greek waters, we arrive at the western port city of Katakalon.

We walk down the dock towards the restaurants and shops of 'downtown' (ahem) Katakolon.

Bill looks back at the boat.

The local fishing fleet...

Carey strolls along the restaurant-lined streets.

Random cart (with traditional Greek, white-wall tires).

Is that... I think so...
James Dean!!

Carey not-posing in front of a traditional Greek building - a white church with a terra cotta roof.

The shops of Katakalon.

Mom, Jill, and I take a cab to Olympia, ~45 minutes away.

The original field for the ancient Pan-Hellenic games.

Jill and I pose JUST so one of these pictures (this or the one before) would look good on your monitor.

We take to the grandstands, which are more like mediocre-stands.

Mom, under the arch where the [naked] athletes entered.

Pretty trees. Think they're redbuds?

Only about 50% of the area has been excavated, but the columns and... other columns are very impressive!

There are some walls, too. Hey, are those redbud trees?

Row o' columns.

This is where the original Olympic flame was kept.
(Quite unassuming...)

The excavated area is huge!

More columns.

Jill in front of a...                              
                              ...is that a redbud?

After leaving Olympia, mom heads back to the ship and Jill and I go out for one last serving (or two) or fried cheese.

We sit in a waterside restaurant and have some saganaki, spanikopita, and - of course - wine.

Actually, the CAPTAIN happened to be "eating" at the same restaurant. (He's the short guy at the end of the table. There were two carafes on their table.)

One last view of the restaurants and shops of Katakalon. (We ate at the dark blue chairs - third restaurant from the left.)

Aunt Caroline catches the afternoon sun dancing on the cool, Mediterranean water.

More little islands on the way out to sea.

Sunsets become a natual part of the day.

I could get used to that...

Aunt Caroline tracks the sun behind an island.

The full moon.

Another gala of some sort...

Tomorrow - At sea, before disembarking (sniff...)