April 22, 2005 - Mediterranean Trip - Day 9


Still in Greece, we visit the dock at the port of Piraeus to visit the nearby, historic city of Athens.

Headed to the Olympic stadium, we pass ruins that we thought were cool, but that didn't even show-up on the Athens-ruins-radar.

Mom takes a picture of the rest of us outside the Olympic stadium.

They re-did the track and seating for the 2004 Olympic opening ceremonies.

A final glimpse from the street.

After departing the stadium, we head to the mayor's mansion. In front are the traditional Greek guards.

Jill poses by ornamental orange trees, which were everywhere and smelled great!

One of three very unique-looking buildings in a row in downtown Athens.

High atop the Acropolis sits the Parthenon, our next stop.

Finally at its base, we start the walk up.

We stop for a photo-op on the way up - an ancient, but restored amphitheater.

The Parthenon.

In front of the Parthenon.

Parthenon - close-up. (A.k.a. dude being crushed by stone...)

The Temple of Poseidon.

A view from the Acropolis.

A view from the Acropolis.

Another view from the Acropolis.
...seriously, ruins everywhere!

A view from the Acropolis.

Overlooking Athens.

What a view!

Bill and Carey behind the Parthenon.

Another amphitheater.

Leaving the port-city of Piraeus.

Headed to sea, we pass numerous islands. (Greece has 3,000 islands, 300 of which are inhabited.)

The moon rises over the Mediterranean.

And the sun sets on a lovely day in Athens.

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