April 20, 2005 - Mediterranean Trip - Day 7


After a long, long day in Egypt, arrived in Cyprus.

The Cypriot port of Limassol... we're the only ones here, too. Actually, we really didn't see many other tourists.

Aunt Caroline went with Mom to get a closer look at the azure waters.

Check out the beach.

Mom poses on the jetties.

Jill's parents went with me and Jill to tour the Cyprus countryside, which is dotted with terra cotta roofs and castle ruins.

Actually, the landscape is more dotted with churches, vineyards, and olive orchards (both wild and cultivated) - and more terra cotta roofs.

The road winds through lush valleys and semi-desert mountains.

Jill and I pose at a winery we checked out.

The mountain vistas were beautiful. Sun-scorched limestone overlooking rows of grape vines.

As if on cue... (rows of grape vines...)

Jill poses by a wall o' flowers.

Random Cyprus town.

We found many areas of the Mediterannean islands have grape canopies trained over roads and walkways.
(These are always 'eating grapes,' we learned. 'Drinking grapes' are in bush form.)

Olive trees everywhere.
Don't try an olive off a tree. They have to be pickled for months before they are mellowed to the point of edibility. I tried a raw almond off an almond tree, but didn't touch an olive. The few that did were stained black and purple like they lost a fight with a squid.

Rush hour.
Where exactly is that dark one's head, do you think?

Jill poses with her dad outside the great Cyprus falls.

Random town #2, where we stopped for some honey crepes and wine.

I had about 30 picture of the mountian views. Evidently, after the winery, then more wine in town, we forgot we'd taken pictures of this before.

They are very proud of their dam and resulting reservoir.

So we took pictures.

Looking back at Limassol from the ship.

The ship's real-time map (which I loved to have on) and our Cypriot wine.

Sunset over Cyprus as we depart.

Tomorrow is the Greek island of Rhodes, our favorite cruise stop!