April 15, 2005 - Mediterranean Trip - Day 1-2

(Transit. Air Atlanta => Paris => Genoa, Italy. Van to Savona, Italy.)

Even before a scheduled 18 hours of travel, Carey is all dolled-up, perhaps aiming to impress the Delta pilots...? hmmm??

After flights from Atlanta to Paris, then to Genoa, we depart Genoa's Christopher Colombo Aeroporto for the ship at the port of Savona.

I wish we would have counted the tunnels from Genoa to Savona. There had to be 40. Who would have thunk that about northern coastal Italy?

The palm trees of downtown Savona. (Get used to pictures of palm trees.)

Roman ruins. No signs. They are everywhere, so why bother making signs... just fence them off and be done with it, I guess...

Finally, the ship. And what a ship! Easily the nicest cruise ship any of us had ever seen!

A view of the port-side buildings in Savona.

Ya don't see city blocks, old forts and clock-towers like that anymore...

It is so hilly, they had to build up the hillsides to put buildings on them.

The rest of the port and the old fort of Savona (top left).

Jill's happy to be here!

Well, the pilot is dropped off by a litle boat and we depart.

Looking back at the less-pretty part of the port as we leave...

The obligatory mustering. At least Uncle Wayne seems to be enjoying it...

The Ayers pose with their life jackets.
Then our first dinner.
Then SLEEP!!!
The next days is the port of Naples and our excursion to Pompei.