April 15-25, 2005 - Mediterranean Trip

(The Ship - the Costa Magica)

The first glimpse of the top deck of the Costa Magica.

Me/Jill's room - view of balcony.

Other side of the room. (Bathroom beside couch.)

A view of the atrium from our floor (the 9th).

They have murals like this all over the ship. You'll see plenty of pictures. Actually, many of the smaller murals or paintings had topless women. It IS an Italian ship, after all.
(I didn't think to take pictures. Sorry.)

The shopping level - after hours.

Cool, concave mural - like a small IMAX screen.

One of the numberous bars. I think I have pictures of 5-6 of the 10-12 bars.

The stage in this room - one of three large stages on the ship. This is where trivia was most days.

They turned the same room into a dance hall. An Italian guy hits on Jill.

The 2-story lobby exclusively for our restaurant.

The piano bar.

The Spoletta Bar (a.k.a. the Ballerina Room). I wish I would have gotten a shot of Bill looking up one of their skirts.

The atrium bar.

The cigar bar.

The 3-story theater. Very impressive.

The top deck on a day at sea, full of sun bathers.

Yes, there was a tennis court on board. Well... MOST of a tennis court, anyway.

Murals everywhere, I told you. Even the ceilings.

Then, my favorite shot. This is from about 4:30am in the Straight of Messina, which separates mainland Italy (lights on the right) from Sicily (lights on the left).