March 23-24, 2005 - Minnesota/Wisconsin (Holiday Companies)

The trip to Bloomington, Minnesota (pronounced: min ah SO' dah) was for Holiday Companies.

While there, I took in the tourist attraction of the midwest - the Mall of America.

Two roller coasters, a ferris wheel, and a log flume are some of the rides in the center atrium of the MOA.

Headed east from Bloomington, the first major city is St. Paul, along the Mississippi River.
This is the St. Paul Cathederal.

There was a similar sign in the lobby of the Holiday I.S. building, but I dismissed it there. When I saw it in the entryway into the Cathedral, I took notice (and was a little scared). I get the impression this was not a new sign, based what's gone on this last week in MN.

Inside St. Paul's.

The Minnesota State Capitol.

I had to drive the :30 to Hudson, Wisconsin - to drive to another state and, more importantly, to get a free state highway map of both WI and (on the way back) MN.