February 26-27, 2005 - Snowbird and Salt Lake City

Jill and I flew out to Salt Lake City after work on Friday. We woke up the next morning and headed out towards the mountains of Snowbird/Alta.

Snowbird is in the Wasatch.

Headed up the mountain road.

Our resort.

Jill behind me on the lift for one of the first warm-up runs of the day.

One of the longer lifts.

A view from the long ride up.

The tram headed up the mountain.

A view of our resort from the lift.

Not sure what this is... Just a tree with a lot of bras...

Dining at the Keyhole, biding time before the slopes re-opened for night skiing.

The lounge by The Aerie restaurant.

The first of the morning views from our room.

The sun climbing over the mountains.

We took the tram to the top of the mountains - the beginning of the longest slopes.

Our resort, way below.

At the top of the mountain - the end of the tram ride...

The views from the top of the mountain.

Salt Lake City in the valley below the mountains.

Twin Peaks.

So many trails... so confusing...

We headed to tour the rest of the Salt Lake City area. This is a sign on Antelope Island, the largest island in the Great Salt Lake and home to a herd of 600 free-roaming American Bison.

A couple of the bison we saw.

The rental car parked on a hill overlooking Antelope Island and its shores along the Great Salt Lake.

They had several of these lifesize, painted bison statues. This is one of the cooler ones.

More bison.

Then Jill left. Sad.

I worked at this Maverik station.

Thursday night, I went to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Chior sing.
I estimated 300 members of the chorus and 30+ members of the accompanying orchestra.

As the Salt Lake Tabernacle was under renovation, they sang in the Conference Center, which holds an astounding 21,000 people - well over TWICE the capacity of Stegman Coliseum in Athens.

Quicktime videos of the Mormon Tabernacle Chior at the Convention Center:
Click here to see and hear a short clip that just shows the chior singing "Alleluia."
Or click here to download it.
7 seconds. 1.8MB.

Click here to see and hear a slightly longer clip that also shows the huge auditorium.
Or click here to download it.
18 seconds. 4.3MB.