January 29, 2005 - Atlanta's Ice Storm

It sleeted late Friday night and most of Saturday.

There was very little snow, but at least the ground was white.

We were stuck at home, so we made the most of it.

We used the only 'sleds' we could find - a recycling bin and a wheel-less barrow.

The wheel-less barrow was a little dangerous.

Since it was metal and had a very smooth bottom, there was nothing to slow the descent on the street - and nothing to use for steering. There were some close calls with mailboxes and a couple of rough patches with bags of rocks used to stop sticks from going down the storm drains, but the worst was a 6" PVC pipe frozen to the curb. Quicktime video to follow.
That's me surveying the damage to the PVC. The wheelbarrow is the black blob on the other side of the street, 3 mailboxes down. Actually, the run, when completed, goes almost off the picture, around the curve and up the hill about a hundred more feet...

We took Jimmy and Jodi's dogs (Hendrix and Eight-Ball, whom I called "Snow Ball" that day) for a walk around the neighborhood, since we knew our Floridian neighbors wouldn't spend any more time outside than they absolutely had to...

The tennis courts look inviting, don't they?!?