January 24-27, 2005 - Enon, Ohio (Speedway/SuperAmerica)

Driving around, I ventured into Indiana, then back to Ohio.

Heading down towards Oxford, Ohio, I check out Miami University's Yager Stadium, home of Roethlisberger's M.A.C. Redhawks.

Yup, this behemoth is the 7th-largest stadium in the Midwest Athletic Conference! How 'bout them frozen apples?!?

Lining the facade of the stadium are the logos of the MAC teams.

Nearby, I see a sign for a historic site. Checking it out, I am rewarded with the 200+ foot long Black [or Pugh's Mill] Covered Bridge. It is one of the longest covered bridges in Ohio and one of the oldest to still reside where originally constructed.

Not long afterwards, I pull over to watch the sunset over the snow-flats of southwestern Ohio.