December 31, 2004 - Christmas in New York, part 2

New Year's Eve...

We got back to the room to find Grim and Amanda's bags. (He is not that adept at breaking into hotel rooms; We left them a key in the office.) Notice that Grim's is the flowery one. He must be very popular on business trips!

We head out of our hotel room (7th and 56th) and walked west on 56th two blocks to Trump Tower.

Jill and Amanda in the Trump Tower atrium.

Then we head to FAO. Grim beat away the little kids who were trying to get on the statuary for a picture so we could get a turn.

That's Prescilla, FAO's new ultra-plush animal.

I had to take this picture. Only on 5th Avenue!

Inside St. Patrick's Cathedral on 5th Avenue.

Check out the stained glass and organ pipage!

Cartier, wrapped up like a present with its tiara.

Prometheus guarding Rockerfeller's great tree.

We watched the ice skaters for, like, 30 minutes. They were quite entertaining.

Our women in front of the trumpeted angels.

The tradition. Last time I was in NYC, I got
Art Curtis on one of the lions in front of the New York Public Library.

This time it was Grim and his monkey.

The women in front of the Library's tree.

We heard there were over 10,000 of New York's finest protecting the streets for New Year's Eve. It felt like a LOT more than that!
From what we saw, they did a great job! It felt a little militaristic (you'll see more of that later), but we felt safe.

To get back to our hotel, we had to go near Times Square. We passed 2 blocks south of it at about 4:00pm. It was already madness.

Look at all the cops!

Back in the hotel, we freshen up [our buzz]...

Then we do a quick wardrobe change and continue to freshen up...

56th and 7th at 8:15pm - filling up 4 hours before midnight.

After dinner at Beacon, the ladies pose in the restaurant.

At 11:50-something, we are on 7th Avenue (with line-of-sight to Times Square).

Everyone takes pictures of the sea of people on the street.

The midnight kiss.

The Griffiths' midnight kiss.

New Year's fireworks over Central Park.

Jill and Amanda pose with three of New York's finest, celebrating a job well done.