December 29-30, 2004 - Christmas in New Jersey

We took three trains from JFK to Dover Station in New Jersey.
Uncle John picked us up and showed us his Christmas decorations. This tree looked much, much larger in person. It was one of two huge trees he had up - not to mention the rest of the house was decked out, too!

The Scheri's slide library - 10,000 slides.

Then, Uncle John took us to John and Terri's place in Sparta.
Tommy is ticklish. Who knew?

Chris plays trains.

"Trainwreck! Trainwreck!"

Looks like Uncle John is into playing trains, too.

Tommy and Chris blow us kisses.

Jill and Chris look at the big trains.

Over here, Tommy!

Chris and Jill play with holiday-shaped sidewalk chalk.

Chris and Tommy play with the little snow that was left on the edges of their driveway.