December 26-28, 2004 - Christmas in Vero Beach

Mom's car is stuffed to the gills for the 9+ hour ride from Cumming, GA to Vero Beach, FL.

Bridget and Brendan had a smaller tree on a table to keep to out of Kelsey's reach.

The morning after we arrived, we celebrated Christmas.
Kelsey helps Bridget open her stocking.

Jill gets some 'Sleepytime Tea.'

Kelsey plays with the Hallmark "kiss kiss bears."

Every time Kelsey reached in her stocking and pulled something out, she said "OOoooooh," apparently just like we were doing when we opened presents.

"All gone."(?)

Mom opens her stocking.

Back to the main attraction, Kelsey opens a new book.

Playing with her new dog.

She always opens books upside down.

Kelsey holds up her new dress to show us it fits.

I thought my new Georgia shirt was bigger than Kelsey, so I put it on her. Looks like I was right.

According to Brendan, this is the only hill in Vero Beach (the bridge to a barrier island). The view is from a city park.

In this section of Vero Beach, lots creep up to a canal so people can dock their own boats in their back yards.

(It was a little windy.)

The evidence of the recent hurricane season is everywhere. The house in the left has a boat in its back yard (far left) and a chunk taken out of the top right corner on the back of the house. The dock next door is ripped - and some of it is so far into the yard, it is on the patio.

A different park in Vero.

The mosaics are stunning.

The pier was closed off, but I wanted to get closer to the gulls and pelicans.

(Nervous I got too close.)


Vero Beach from its boardwalk.

Too cute.