November 27, 2004 - The Tech game

On Ginger, we all 'tailgated' at Longhorn.
mmm. Firecracker Chicken Wraps...
Grilled shrimp... Tonion...
The Renegade...

Kelsey shows off the cutest UGA sweater ever.

Pregame. Nice autumn day, right?

Clear skies for the Anthem flyover.

Then it rains. Then it gets cold. Then it keeps raining.
... And oh yeah... It was cold. That smoke... it is my breath - and I didn't do this on purpose.

After Ball realizes he can't count to 4 (what... did he take math at UGA instead of Tech? Actually, if he took math at UGA, he would know how to count to 4... maybe not much higher, but at least to four...), we take over. It is the end of the game, but there ain't too many people still there. However, Bill, Carey, Jill, and I were. And we saw Ginger down below in her seat listening to the band afterward, but couldn't get her attention.

Final: 19-13 Dawgs. Four in a row. Eleven of the last 14.