November 19-21, 2004 - with Tad, Dedee, and Walter (in PA)

Jill and I left Friday after work and found time to have a date - at T.G.I. Fridays at Concourse B.
Hard day, Jill???

Tad and Dedee's place in Fox Hill, a borough of Pittsburgh.

Walter - I mean Vickrey, a 14-year-old Cairn Terrier, in Walter's bouncer.

The proud first-cousin-once-removed.

The proud first-cousin-once-removed-in-law.

We headed out across the lovely stone-built campus of the University of Pittsburgh (where Tad and Dedee went to Med school and met)...

... to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

We took Walter to see his first dinosaurs.
You can see he was clearly enthralled.

They turned the lights off. I just thought this was a cool picture.

(Same picture, edited in honor of the Pittsburgh native, Andy Warhol.)

Walter, intrigued by the mastadon.

We went into the Music Room of the Carnegie Museum of Art.

The 67.5 carat Black Orloff diamond.

Back at the Wilsons, Jill holds Walter, exhausted from all the excitement of the museum.

A great kid, it was very easy to make Walter smile.


We went for a drive around Tad and Dedee's place.

Here are some pictures of the neater houses.

Notice the drive-under area for the carriages. Many of the houses around here were seriously that old...

Yep, folks... One house!

Tad and Dedee were great hosts. I wish I had taken pictures of some of the meals we had (the lamb, the red banana fondue, homemade waffles, etc), but they were too good and well dug into before cameras could have caught them, anyway.

We had a great time!5:30 PM 11/23/2004