November 5-7, 2004 - Lexington, KY with Josh and Heather [Maxwell] Katz

Heading north. To get to the pretty places, you sometimes have to go through Tennessee.

Random scenery from the drive up. (Notice the dragon behind the highway sign.)

Finally in Kentucky.

Some kind of HQ for "Fifth-Third Bank."
A good article on the histry of their name:

We headed to tour the Labrot and Graham Distillery, makers of Woodford Reserve bourbon.

Josh and Heather [Maxwell] Katz, a high-school friend of Jill and Steph.

What's wrong with this tag?

We tailgated across a field from the stadium.

OK. It was a big field.

Our setup...

Josh and I get into the spirit of the day by tossing around the old pigskin.

Jill gets into the spirit of the day with a tall Absolut Raspberri and tonic.

Does my determination know no end? I dive for the football...
(OK. I didn't dive, but at least I reached.)

Our setup, sans tailgaters.

It was Jill's birthday, so Heather bought hats. However, she didn't chceck the hat very closely. It says "Happy 2nd Birthday!" (They drew in an '8'.)

Happy Jill.

The lovely ladies.

Josh and Jill sport the "Happy 2nd Birthday" Katz-hatz.

Nice pose.

Then the gals get silly...

Josh hides in the trees.

This must have been very early on because the stadium is as full as it ever got - about 80%...

The women-folk cheer.

Late in the third, there are still quite a few blue-clad fans.

(Notice there is six minutes to go in the game and we only have 41 points.)

Three minutes later and we have 55 points. (3:45 on the clock).
Zooming out, just about everyone is gone.


The left guy holding a chick is Richard Seay's son.

Final score - 62-17.

Josh and I show off our sunburn... Who else needs to wear sunscreen in Kentucky in November?!

After the game, we waited to applaud the players. Fred Gibson signs an autograph.

Fred and Pollack.

Pollack and Greene walk by.

The good coach shakes our hands.

(Yeah, we were close to them...)

Random house in downtown Lexington.

Nuther house. Bad shot, but I took it while I was driving.

This college is not known for its parties. I hear this campus is dead. Ditto.

Scenery fromt he drive back.