October 29-31, 2004 - Georgia-Florida Weekend in St. Simon's and Jacksonville

Still finding new excuses to wear the llama tux, I go to work the Friday before Halloween as Bond...

James Bond.

After work on Friday, we headed down to St. Simon's Island for The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.
Having the GPS in Bill's FX was very cool. We saved a lot of time getting out of Jacksonville after the game by taking side streets (and knowing which ones go nowhere and how to get back to I-95).

The streets of St. Simon's were lined with Spanish Moss-covered Live Oaks.

Gameday. We had breakfast at Dressner's before heading south. (Actually, we had breakfast there both mornings.)

Taking the causeway bridge to Brunswick, GA and then to I-95 south.


The Wiener-mobile... Does it get any cooler?!

From the ramp to the upper deck of Alltel Stadium.

This is the Florida side, but check out all the red and black!

Since UGA was the 'home team,' the Redcoats take the field for pregame.

Run the clock; run the clock; run the damn clock!
Too busy cheering during the game, this is us with the ball inside the 30, Greene takes a knee three times to preserve the 31-24 win.

David Greene was declared the game's MVP.

I said its great... to be... a Gator Hater!
Those Gator fans are gone. Seriously. I don't know where they went, but we didn't see ANY on the street after the game.

I believe they are interviewing Zook at this point. Who cares?

The St. Simon's Lighthouse.

Loud birds all over the pier.

This is the place we stayed at on St. Simon's Island.
Thanks for the place, Eric. You da man!

Check out the back yard and private pool!