October 16, 2004 - UGA Homecoming 2004 (the Vanderbilt game)

On the way to the game, mom and I happened upon a man with a goat, which happened to be the first mascot of UGA back in the 1910s (or around then)...
I'm guessing the picture is on his shirt, so if he gets lost, someone can return him to his goat.

Athens is so scenic. Banners were on the lightposts across campus.

On the field for pregame, I got pretty close to Uga VI.

Uga plays on Sanford's "Tifway" grass.

I got Bill on the field just before halftime. After Uga leaves his house to get in the shade for halftime, Bill poses by his air-conditioned house.

OK, I have to get a picture, too!

During halftime, 440 Redcoat alumni peform with 420 current Redcoats.

On the way back to my car after the game, I saw this - a Helmet-bug...